A Winter Bucket List For Those Who Do Not Like Christmas (& the others). Blogmas

In December, everyone seems super merry & everything… but not everyone is. Actually, a lot of people do not like this month, for so many reasons: Christmas is not a religious holiday for them, they have lost someone they loved in December, they feel lonely &c. Many more people than we think feel down during Christmas time & today, I am writing for these people. Obviously, these activities can also suit people who love Christmas, but I did my best to gather Winter-oriented activities rather than Christmas-oriented ones. Ready? Let’s get started!

a cool winter bucket list


Even if you think that there is nowhere you can do it in your town, maybe there is as a lot of town open temporary places for it in Winter.

Spending Christmas Eve with Homeless People.

Ask your local charity if it is possible. In France, it is quite “common” (even though not a lot of people do it). If you do not really like Christmas or are going to spend Christmas Eve alone, you can dedicate your time to people who truly love it but unfortunately can’t enjoy the holiday. You will feel better for what you did, & it will mean the world for the people you helped.

Spending a few nights a week alone, at home, with a book.

Learning to bake something delicious.

Trying a new hot-chocolate recipe.

Walking alone in town, looking at other people being on & about, & being happy to feel so calm.

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Writing a list of things you love about Winter (& not about Christmas) in order to detangle the two.

It is so easy to “hate Winter” because you hate Christmas, but Winter is so much more than Christmas! Winter is blankets, hot chocolate, warm jumpers & so much more. Do not hate the two because there is one you like less.

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Going in a cute coffee shop, & smelling the delicious smells all around you.

Watching a movie under a blanket, but a movie that has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with Christmas.

Layering clothes to feel warm, taking a warm cup of coffee, & going outside to smell the fresh air.

Obviously, that does not work in a super cold place, but if you live even in the North of France like me, it is possible! I have a thing for the smell & the feeling provided by really fresh air. It feels like freedom, & going outside just to enjoy it is wonderful in my opinion.

I really hope you got inspired by this list & understood that you actually could enjoy Winter even though Christmas is not your cup of tea. I personally like Christmas, but I can never really manage to get in the mood as December is my busiest month of the year. Nonetheless, I do my very best to keep a balanced life & enjoy Winter as much as I can. If you have any other idea to put on the list, feel free to write them in the comments so that everyone can benefit form them.

I wish you the best of all days,

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