Lady Diana, a timeless inspiration.

Dear reader, 

I think we all know who Lady Diana was, more or less. However, we usually only know what the media told us, which is often only one side of the story: The Crown’s side of the story. Today, I want to share with you five ways in which we can still get endless inspiration from the Princess but first, I would like to clarify a few points. Lady Diana was not living a real-life fairytale contrary to popular belief, but faced her (great) share of hardships. From an unhappy marriage to Prince Charles to her early death in mysterious circumstances in 1997, going through bulimia and struggling to find her place in the royal family being only nineteen, her life has been far from simple. Nevertheless, this incredible woman managed to overcome bulimia, to take back her life into her own hands in spite of the overwhelming presence of journalists and of the Crown’s disapproval. Diana stepped back into her power, and here are a few tings we can all learn from the gorgeous, simple and kind Diana Spencer.

NB: If you are interested in Diana’s version of her story, I definitely recommend the documentary Diana: In her own words (available on Netflix) based on Diana’s own recordings (it is so enchanting to hear her voice telling her story, for once.)

Pants are just as elegant as dresses

When we want to dress more femininely, we tend to get the same advice over and over: wear more dresses. I personally do not think wearing dresses is a bad idea, but I know some women feel bad in them (and a woman feeling bad in her clothes never looks her best) and it does not suit everybody’s lifestyle. I personally work a lot and on some days, dresses are really inconvenient when it comes to walking fast in windy corridors.

Another advice I hear a lot online is “Do not wear denim“. I do not agree; I think everything can look good if done with taste. That is why I advise wearing denim if you feel like it, and I think it can be extremely flattering and feminine.

Here are a few (of numerous) times Diana showed the world the power of well-tailored pants (and jeans!), especially high-wasted ones.

Feeling a little lost and being vulnerable is not necessarily negative

Diana showed us that feeling lost could look beyond charming. How often have we seen pictures taken when she was avoiding the camera, looking at her shoes or smiling a little awkwardly? When she entered the royal family being only nineteen, she never knew how to stand or act, but she was not any less gorgeous. I am not saying we should act as if we were feeling lost all the times, I am simply saying that feeling lost and showing vulnerability can be really charming and attractive. A woman doe snot always have to look as if she owned the place to be noticed and loved.

Mystery, a side-look and evasive answers can do wonders

Who has never been told that mystery was attractive? Balance is needed in all things, of course, but a little mystery never killed anyone, especially in a society that shows so much online. Diana knew it really well even before it was imposed by royal duty. Even when followed by a crowd of journalists (she is the most photographed woman of all times, after all), she remained calmed, smiled slightly, gave a charming side-look and answered briefly, never fully or not at all. I think this way of avoiding real answers and throwing side-looks really enigmatic, and attractive.

“Courage is grace under pressure”, Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway was an American writer, author of famous novels such as The Sun Also Rises and known to have a really atypic writing-style. He famously  coined the expression “Courage is grace under pressure” which, I think, suits Lady Di perfectly. As we saw in the introduction, her life was quite chaotic in spite of its princess-like look. I think being able to go to Charles’s mistress Camilla and talking with her as calmly as she did even though she knew they had been in a relationship even before she met Charles herself is simply an incredible proof of maturity. Lots of women would have made a scandal, but she managed to keep her composure and eventually quit this relationship even though it probably was one of the hardest marriage to get out of.


Kindness is the most beautiful outfit a woman can wear

Lady Diana was very much involved in several humanitarian causes. When a journalist asked her a question about her role in the Royal Family, she answered that she did not do politics, but humanitarian actions. Diana was a true kind soul, a selfless woman. When visiting hospices, she hugged the patients, which was not well-accepted by the Family, but meant the world to all these sick men and women. Even after being out of the Royal Family, she continued her humanitarian actions, which shows that she was genuinely kind and not only “acting as if” in order to fulfill a role given by the Royals.

Hoping I have been able to give you a positive image of Diana, and to show you how inspirational she still is (moreover, she shows that wearing your hair short can be beyond elegant, which lots of people tend to forget.)


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