Big Life Update: Business, PhD, Book & More!

Today, I thought I will give you a little (big?) life update, as it has been a WHILE! As you guys can obviously tell, I have not been as present here, even though I have been writing as much as possible to keep you updated. Nonetheless, when you will see all the juicy news, I am sure you will understand! I hope you are ready, because this might get a little lengthy! I will spare you very personal details, however, we will dive quite deep into professional updates together!

My business took a new direction

A year ago, I was sharing with you, the official launch of my literary coaching business. A year after, I decided to open up this business of mine by not coaching only authors, but also people on the hunt for their own dream career. Thus, I will still specialize in literary careers, but will also mentor motivated men & women looking for the position of their dreams. If it is anything you may be interested in, see how we may work together here and if you have any question, please feel free to ask here!

I published a book!

I did not only grow my business (a thing for which I want to thank all of my wonderful clients!), I also published my first physical book! As you may know, I already had published a free eBook about language learning a while back (available here), and I thought it might be fun to create a physical workbook on the same topic! Thus, I launched Le journal de l'(apprenti) angliciste, a French workbook destined to help you improve your English. It is only available in French now, and you can find all information by clicking on this link!

I finished my master’s!

Another important thing to mention: I officially graduated from my master’s degree!! The biggest thing for me is not only to graduate as I have always worked alongside my studies, it is to finally have published my master’s thesis. I have indeed worked extremely hard on this 350+ pages document in order to be able to secure a place for a PhD. Thus, I am delighted to see the fruit of my hard work literally published, knowing that I have contributed to helping the development of early bilingualism.

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I started working at a European University

In January, I left my job at the library to start a new one as a translator at EUt+. This has been the start of a beautiful adventure, as my first job there was followed by a research internship (in linguistics, as always). Now, I am a scientific event planner for the initiative and I could not be happier! This particular job offers me the opportunity to see the world of research from another perspective, and this will help a lot in my career to come. I am still waiting for results as far as my PhD application is concerned, but whether I start this year or another, this has to be my chosen direction.

I got involved in a new non-profit

Last September, I started taking part in the English Nights for a non-profit called Babel (but nothing to do with the famous language-learning app) and it is so much fun! We organize monthly events which can take several shapes: karaoke, pub quiz, pub crawl… The idea is to create a safe space for French people to practice their English and English speakers to meet fellow speakers. I am such a fan of the concept and feel beyond happy to be now part of the organization team.

I launched a book club!

Furthermore, I have launched a book club with two friends from my French city! As some of you may know, I have always wanted to create one, but I had never figured out a concept before. Today, I can happily say that I did! Once a month, we meet at a local bar and sip cocktails while talking about our books. The idea is to give members a rather large theme (music, friendship…) and a list of books they can choose from (knowing they are encouraged to choose books out of the list) and then, we can all present a different book on the D-Day. Thus, everyone gets to know about stories they would probably never have heard of before, and we are all enabled to share our common passion for books. Moreover, people who have no specific interest in reading at first are welcomed so that they can get slowly onto reading (while drinking those cocktails!!)

I became a certified book coach!

Speaking about books, I became a certified book coach (youhouuu)! When I left the library in January, I felt quite a void as even though I am more than passionate about my current job, leaving such a beautiful one has to have an effect. Thus, I decided to start the adventure of book coaching! I started by reading books on the topic, and one day I contacted a teacher. In France, only one is renown, and so we embarked on this adventure together. In many countries, you need a psychology degree to engage into book coaching but in France, you do not. I have chosen to go for the specific current of ‘creative book coaching’ as it is where my main interest is, but be aware that there are many other directions your training might take.

If you are interested in this, let me know, and I will write a post about book coaching (what it is, how to be certified…)!

I launched a portfolio!

Lately, I launched a portfolio. As some of you may know, I used to have one on this website, but as I live and work in France, having a French one made more sense. Thus, I have launched a totally separate website (which you can translate in English) to showcase my work and experience.

Having a flattering internet presence is essential to me and thus, I am convinced that a portfolio is necessary. We think too often that they are only for designers or ‘artists’ (aren’t we all artists?) but not at all. You can gain a lot from having a portfolio yourself and I would also love to write a specific post about portfolios, so if you are interested, please let me know!

I published my first online course!

Last but not least, I published my very first online course! If you are interested in improving your everyday life by starting a new business/hobby while remaining sane and balanced in the processes, you have found the way! This course is full of exercises organized into 4 modules and many lessons so that you can really start making changes. Ready to start?

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