I started my first business ♡ On becoming a literary consultant

Books in the story of my life

As many of you may know by now, I have been working in the field of literature for several years. First, I have created two book fairs and that is when I realized how much I loved working with authors. Then, I started correcting manuscripts in several languages for independent publishing houses, and translating papers for non-profits.

Currently finishing a master’s in the field of written Cultural Heritage and working part-time as a librarian, I am so happy to spend the biggest part of my life working with books and authors. With time, I got into the realm of reviewing books as well and just loved every minute of it. I feel like there is something beyond beautiful in helping authors get to know what is loved in their story. There is something even better in knowing that you play a part in the connection between an author and their readers. Recommending books is not merely a job, it is a way like no other to create human connections.

Thus, I have decided to start another part of my career: today, I launched my first business! I can now proudly call myself a literary consultant.

Literary consulting: a new turn in my career

As I come to the end of my master’s degree and the beginning of my PhD, have decided it was time for me to start a new page in my career. What better way to do so than start my own business? I have been considering it for a few years now, but never really “took the leap”. As you may know, I always have a lot of projects to handle at the same time, and often thought that such a project needed its “perfect time”. However, I came to the realization that the “perfect time” did not exist and that time was actually what we chose to make of it. Thus, I am now officially a literary consultant.

It means a lot of things for me, and I know it will mean a lot for you. A lot of you are authors, and the ones who aren’t are interested in literature. All of it means that my content will either help you grow as an author, or discover the behind the scenes of writing a book. To say the truth, I can’t wait to write that new page of my life with you all. You made me believe it was possible, it is now my turn to help make your dreams come true.

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