5 authors I would love to have dinner with

I have seen quite a lot of these posts on the internet and I thought it would be a funny way to share with you a list of five of my favorite authors. I actually have much more “favorite authors” than this, but I thought that five of them was already a way to discover my literary tastes a little bit further. Feel free to tell us in the comments the names of the authors you would love to have dinner with!

Neil Gaiman

He is one of these authors who are still alive and I could “possibly” have dinner with (would he accept?). I have a thing for Neil Gaiman’s work altogether, even though I am particularly interested in his picture books. I know, a lot of people absolutely hate them and think they are not the best fit for children, but the librarian in me just loves them. Maybe it is the way the page is used (I am one to think that picture books are a piece of art), maybe it is the colors, the way the text is pasted on the page. Anyway, I am a gigantic fan of Neil Gaiman’s picture books. Moreover, I think the way he writes Middle-Grades is wonedrful, especially in The Graveyard book. I am fully aware he also writes adult fiction, I however do associate him with children’s literature.

Rainer Maria Rilke

I had to choose a poet, right? I debated quite a lot whether or not I would write about Rainer Maria Rilke as I was considering refering to Baudelaire. I had to make a decision, so I chose Rilke. At some point in my life, I would love to be confident enough to read Rilke’s work in its original language but for now, I am still not confident enough in my German to do so. Thus, I have read everything I possibly could in English… and it was all so perfect. I would enjoy spending an entire dinner with him just to listen to his ideas about art and poetry. If you have never read anything by Rilke, I highly recommend you give Letters to a Young Poet a try.

Margaret Atwood

First woman of the list, she is one of my favorite persons in the world. I love her style, the way she uses words to change our world, and I love her personality. I think that spending an evening with Margaret Atwood would help me shape my views on life a bit more. We would discuss everything from feminism to dystopian worlds. She is probably, of all five authors, the one I would get along with the most.

Daphné Du Maurier

Now we come to my two favorite authors of all times. I can’t choose between them two, but we need to start somewhere, so why not with Daphné Du Maurier? Rebecca is the book that got me into reading in English when I first started my bachelor’s and I could not be more grateful. It has been a way for me to ease into that literature while enjoying a deeply entertaining (though sad) plot. Thus, I would love to have dinner with Daphné Du Maurier, to thank her for what her words did to me, and to talk about absolutely everything. Do you also sometimes feel like you could talk for hours with the authors you love?

Fyodor Dostoevsky

And here comes my second favorite author: Dostoevsky. I am purely and totally in love with the entirety of his work. My favorite book of his is definitely Crime and Punishment, the only book in the world which made me feel dramatically bad. I know, saying you love a book that made you feel nauseous may sound weird, but it is, to me, what literature should do to you. It should, in my eyes, convey the emotions it refers to, and Crime and Punishment did it to the verge of perfection.

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