Letters to a Young Poet, Rainer Maria Rilke.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

This is by far one of the best books I have read (actually, listened to). I had never read anything by this author but had heard wonderful things about him. As a lot of people recommended starting with this book, that is what I did without really knowing what I would find.
Epistolary books are always very interesting but I rarely end up rating them 4+ stars as I tend to miss a little « something ».
Here, however, I was blown away by the beauty of the letters.

The author writes during several years letters to a man (who is one of his readers and a member of the military – the author did himself go to a military school for some time, but that is another story) and gives him basically life advice.

The pieces of advice could be divided like this : one piece of advice / one letter. However, even though each letter has kind of a set theme to it, there are pieces of advice that are quite everywhere such as the famous « go within ».
I loved how the author tackled topics such as art, love and solitude, but not only art. At first, I was a little afraid it would be only about art due to the title, which would not have been a bad thing but still, I much prefer getting advice for all areas of life.

I highly recommend this book if you want to discover the author’s complicated but so, so beautiful writing.

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