I stopped reading for a month & here is what I’ve learnt. No Wrap-up month & reading slump.

Hello everyone, I hope you are feeling your best.
I simply wanted to tell you that from now on and for the longest time I hope, we go back to our normal publishing schedule (my internship and school year being officially over). Thus, you will now have two posts a week (on Wednesdays and Sundays) instead of one!
Wishing you the best of all days,

The month of June is a no wrap-up month. Do not think it was part of any plan: it was not. As some of you may have understood, my ex boyfriend and I broke up in the course of the month of May. Due to this major life shift, I’ve had to process it all, look for a new apartment and do all of it in the midst of finishing my first year of master’s and starting a new position as a Tourist Information Officer. No need to tell you it was a lot. Thus, without really seeing it at first, I have started reading less and less. At first, it was a matter of time: I was too caught up in all of the admin stuff that go with a break up and a new job. Then, I noticed it was due to my level of energy: I did not feel the need to take a book anymore. I beat myself up quite a bit over it, which was not the right choice to make. Everything changed when I started accepting that sometimes, you have a reading slump, and that it’s just fine. If you would like to know what this reading slump taught me, keep reading!

Reading must always remain a pleasant activity, not a chore.

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The only way to get out of a reading slump is to accept it.

Your Goodreads challenge matters less than your mental health.

I know, this may sound really obvious, but when the reading slump hits you, you do not always think straight. Thus, I decide to write it here, just in case you need to read it too.

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The day you feel like getting back to reading, you are healed.

Re-reading a favorite may be the best way to get out of the reading slump.

There is no shame in not reading every day.

One good book may be enough to say goodbye to the reading slump.

I know that this post may seem weird and looks like something that comes out of nowhere. However, I truly do think that little reminders like that are important. On Booktube and on Bookblogs, we tend to share how many books we have read this month and how cool they were. However, we also spend entire months without reading, we just do not (usually) tell you. To me, being transparent with you is important. Sharing the negative sides of my life matters as I want you to trust me, and to feel great after reading my posts. Showing only the silver lining tends to create unrealistic expectations, I would hate being the one to set these upon you. Once more, I wish you the best of all days, be kind to yourself.

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