5 Reasons why I love reading & Why reading just for fun is okay.

In that podcast episode, I talked to you about the main reasons why I think reading is important. If you have been reading my posts for while, then you probably know that reading is my passion. I am an avid reader, write a thesis about children’s literature, run the Book Corner, write book reviews for you guys, work at a library and basically breathe books lol. Obviously, I think that reading can bring you a lot in life, and that was the topic of the podcast episode. However, I think it is really important to talk about reasons why I LOVE reading with you guys. Reading has become quite a competition lately, especially with Goodreads challenges and thus, I would love this posts to be a defense of reading for the simple sake of enjoying it. You do not have to read a set amount of books every month to feel like you are a “good reader”, your only goal must be to absolutely love the moments spent with your book. Reading needs to be self-care again, not a new way to compete. Thus, here is my ode to reading in 5 reasons why I love it. Enjoy!

1- Reading helps me be calmer and is a form of meditation. It helps me go through my thoughts at my own pace.

2- Reading is a way escape the real world and sometimes, there is nothing wrong with wanting time-off.

3- Reading means quality time with my cat on the couch.

4- When I read, I get to share book reviews with you guys and I love it so much.

5- Reading can drastically change my views on a given topic and make me see the world around me differently.

And two more, because five was clearly not enough for me…

6- Reading makes me feel accomplished as I know I am doing something good for my brain, but also for my soul.

7- Reading is a great excuse to grab a blanket and spend hours sitting in a comfortable position and never feeling guilty about it (after all, is not reading seen as “universally productive?”).

What about you? What are the main reasons why you absolutely love reading? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

  1. My love for reading are almost exactly like yours. I love learning so reading definitely gives me more knowledge on different topics. I love seeing things from other people’s perspectives. And I definitely love the escape the books give me!

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    1. Totally, it is such a great way to ally pleasure and a kind of “productivity” in a sense, you know you are doing something that’s going to be beneficial in the long run and that is pleasant in the now: that’s a win-win situation!

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