[ARC] Cheat Sheets for Life: 750+ hacks for health, happiness and success ♡ Ayesha Ratnayake

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I recently got contacted by Ayesha Ratnayake who kindly sent me her latest book in exchange for an honest review. The book will get published in the very beginning of February, so if you are into self-development and very practical books, get ready!

The book is available here (this is not an affiliate link, just… a link!)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A very practical book

You know my problem with super theoretical self-help books: when I read that type of book, it is to feel like I can improve almost “instantly” and to know how, not to simply learn a bunch of theory. I really loved that book as even though it is scientifically accurate, it is also very digest, easy to read and practical. However, if you prefer literary books that really dive deep into emotions and use long paragraphs to convey ideas, this book is definitely not for you. The paragraphs are extra short and really straight to the point, which makes the book quick to read but not “literary-pleasing” in the sense that it does not try to look like fiction at all.

Scientifically proven ideas.

Another thing I love in self-help books is whe there is actually scientific evidence between the principles discussed. I would say that about a half of the book is a list of links to articles discussing the points tackled by the author. That means two great things:

  1. The points she discussed are actually reliable.
  2. The reader has an opportunity to go further in the research if he wants to.

All the sources aren’t technically “scientific” but, at least, they do exist, which is not the case in all the self-help books out there.

At least a section to please you

The book is divided into several sections and if you tell me that none of them sparks interest in you, I won’t believe you. There is at least one section among – for instance – food, leadership, green lifestyle, persuasion and so much more that you want to learn about. I really found some elements to be extremely interesting and I must say that I learnt quite a lot reading this book. I can’t say that it is “rare” but I sometimes feel like when you know how to wake up early and why the Pomodoro technique can be effective, there is not much self-help books can bring you. This book proved me wrong as I learnt quite a lot of things. I mean, do you all know what a Napuccino is? I did not either!

You guessed it, I really loved that book. The only negative point I would give it is its lack of literary substance. However, it is a self-help book and even a scientific book in some of its aspects so I feel like it would be unjust to blame if for it. If it is the type of book you like, go for it as it is full of very useful tips and pieces of information to research about!

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