On supporting friends & their art

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Today, I thought I will share a view on friends and art. How many of us do have a friend who does art? It can be obviously some well-known artistic venue like painting, but art is also ceramic, writing, or anything you put your heart to. Thus, how many of us do have such a friend? We live in a day and age in which, in our Occidental countries, we are lucky enough (for the most part) to be able to get lost in art a few hours a week. Thus, more and more people do art on a regular basis. However, if many people see it as a hobby, more and more people dream of living only from their art and yes, I am sure it is mainly possible. Thus, what can you do when this is the dream of one of your dear friends?

Know that you do need to help them, as they may feel very alone in their dreams. When you are an adult, saying you want to be an artist feels a little like answering your parents ‘When I am an adult, I want to be a princess’. Thus, you want to help your friend gain confidence, especially artistic confidence. I have personally several writers in my immediate circle (given my job, obviously!), my musician boyfriend and painters. Here is how I help, hoping it can inspire you:

Ask them how their art is going.

Do they paint a lot? What is their latest short story about? These questions may seem mundane, but they show interest, and this is probably what your friend needs the most.

Tell your work-related fears to show them they are not alone.

Showing that even people on a regular work path struggle is astonishingly helpful in telling your friends that, actually, the path they have chosen is not “that” different.

Ask them to teach you the basics of their art in order to show interest in their work.

Some people do not like to teach, but if your friend loves it, then it can also be a great moment spent together and an opportunity for you to learn something new.

Bring them to galleries/book fairs/etc. to help them get inspired.

Buy their art.

Never act as if their art was ‘just a hobby’.

Promote their art (online and downtown – e.g. if they organise a concert, give flyers in local cafés).

See if someone can help them in your circle.

Last but not least, if you know people who may help, please ask for their help. For instance, as a literary consultant, I know publishers and, obviously, I help authors I know by talking about their works to the related publishers. Some people will not want your help, but some others may benefit so much from it. You have nothing to lose in asking for their permission, really.

Supporting my friend Gwen

As with so many of my posts, this one is inspired by my personal experience. Yesterday, I have bought a painting from my friend Gwen, and this means that she sold yesterday her first painting. I would love to share pictures of her art with you today, and if you feel interested in her art or would love to say something about the painting, feel free to send me a message/comment, and I will tell Gwen directly. I am sure your words would make her day. Here is her gorgeous painting:

  1. Camille, I love that you are using your platform to support both your own work and the work of other adult writers and artists. It is so easy to become isolated, drained, and discouraged as an adult creative person, with all the competing demands on our time. Posts like these are inspiring and motivational.

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    1. Reading your words makes me beyond happy, as you are referring to the message I so deeply want to spread. Isolation is what adult artists must avoid, as there is no Beauty a solid network can’t bring. Thank you!

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