[GIVEAWAY] Win a FREE month of literary consulting (and write that book!)

As I was thinking about a coherent way to thank you all for reading my posts and showing interest in what I write, I thought about a (very) special giveaway: I offer a FREE month of consulting worth $1500! I am fully aware that many people would love to write a book “one day” ; what is that “day” was today? Often when I talk about my job, people react as follows: “Oh, I would love to write too!!”. Thus, I have decided to help you write your dreams into reality for free in April! Whether you already have a (secret?) manuscript or not, we can work together in the way you decide. Brainstorming ideas, getting legal advice, proofreading manuscripts: we do YOU! No matter the genre, I am sure we can do wonders and really bring your story to life.

Here is the pitch of the giveaway:

You can access the post I refer to by following that link or clicking on any of the images above. As I am aware that not all of you have an Instagram account, I also give you the option to comment directly on today’s blog post.

I deeply hope you will love this gift and look forward o working with one of you so that we can write your dreams into reality.

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