How To *actually* Find Time For Blogging.

As a full-time student, a part-time librarian and an entrepreneur, I know how hard it can get sometimes to find time for blogging. Strangely enough, it seems to never be a “priority“, and thus we tend to put our blog on the side until the “right moment”. The point is that I am not convinced there is such thing as a “right moment” in the sense that everything is a matter of setting your priorities straight. And the more you do in life, the stricter you need to get on that point. Thus, I have come to put blogging on my schdule, and I never looked back. Today, I would love to share with you a few practical tips I have implemented into my weekly routine in order to find time for this little blog. Ready?

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Romanticize the moment

My main tip, the one that will lead to all the other smaller ones, would be to focus on the aesthetic of your “blogger’s life”. A few months ago, I write a post about the advantages of romanticizng your life, and I still do think that it can make every moment feel more unique. Whenever you consider blogging, put yourself in the right mood for it. Maybe light a candle, brew some coffee and put a few beautiful books on the table. You want blogging to become a self-care moment and in no way, shape or form a new chore to the (endless) list.

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Make it a routine

If your schedule allows for routines, make sure that blogging is part of it. As soon as an activity enters a routine, it becomes a habit and thus, you do not even consider not doing it anymore. The problem, as we said earlier, is usually that we can’t seem to make blogging one of our priorities. Thus, creating a blogging habit can help making sure we will actually sit down and start the little romanticized moment we have created.

Do not put pressure on yourself

There is a reason why I have decided not to monetize my blog directly: I do not want to put pressure on myself. I am convinced that we already have a thousand things to think about and stress over on a daily basis: we just do not need one more. Let blogging be your happy moment, your little selfish activity. Drink your hot coffee while letting your fingers fly on the keyboard. Make sure it is all enjoyable, never chore-like.

Make sure you love your niche

This tip goes hand in hand with the previous one: if you want to enjoy blogging, you need to enjoy your niche. For those of you who might not know it, a niche is a topic (book blog, beauty blog, lifestyle blog &c.) and it defines the type of content you create. You need to be passionate about your niche not only to be a successful blogger, but also to simply enjoy blogging. How can you be motivated to write regularly about a topic you are not passionate about?

Get inspired through Pinterest pictures

Last but not least, when it doubt, open Pinterest. I am a gigantic fan of this app as it is the way for me to get inspired instantly. Obviously, it works for inspiration related to precise things, but also to inspiration in general. When I feel uninspired and unmotivated, you can be sure you will find me on Pinterest two minutes after. When it cmes to blogging, I have a board full of inspiration for posts, but also for the overall mood I want to be in when I blog. Pictures of coffee, books and furry cats are everywhere in that board, which always puts me in the best mood for blogging.

I hope this post will somehow help you put blogging higher in your priority list. Remember: if it is something you love doing, it deserves more time in your daily life.

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