Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland ♡ Lewis Carroll (Bilingual version)

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

It was my first time actually reading this book. As a children’s literature grad student, such a shame, right? But I absolutely wanted to take the time to be ready for it.

A tale of language

There are thousands of things I would want to say about this book, it would be too long for a review but my biggest love is for language. I read the book in an English/French edition as I study it for my thesis and I must give a great shoutout to the translator as translating English puns must have been very hard. Some of them get lost but most of them are replaced by relevant counterparts in French, which is beautiful.

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A tale of growing up

The whole story focuses on Alice’s adventures in Wonderland (obviously) and on how she grows up in there. She finds herself in a place where she does not know who she is anymore. It brings out the question of identity and of change: how many changes can you undergo while remaining the same person? It is a beautiful book to read as a child or an adult as it teaches us how to grow up in its own beautiful way.

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