Middle Grade March Recommendations ♡ What is MM, Favorite Middle Grades and TBR!

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As you probably know, March is the month of Middle Grades and as you probably know as well, Middle Grades are my favorites! For those of you who do not know, Middle Grades are basically the books dedicated to children aged 8 to 14, but they are totally suitable to adults as well! I love Middle Grades because I find them both wholesome and smart. Middle Grades always tackle big questions in a beautiful way and allow the reader to spend a refreshing time while really getting to think about the toughest topics. “Middle Grade March” is basically a way to consider that March is the month of Middle Grades ; such an excuse for fans like me to read a bunch of them! If you are considering getting into Middle Grades or are simply curious about the books that may fall in that category, make sure to read my list of Middle Grades below. They will be divided between the Middle Grades I absolutely love (both classic and contemporary ones) and the ones I would to read ASAP. As always, I will link my Goodreads review when I refer to books I have already reviewed over there. Ready? Let’s do it!

My favorite Middle Grades

In this story, we follow a young girl who, after accidentally drinking a part of the moon when she was a baby, became enmagicked. In the city she comes from, the youngest children are abandoned, apparently to be taken – and killed – by a witch. However, the kind ones may not be that kind and the witch may not be as evil as she is described in the protectorate… That book is 100% wholesome, the language is beautiful and the plot is just perfect (face-paced as I like).

This book is a classic Middle Grade and definitely something you should read if you would like to get a taste of that genre. It is wholesome, really short, beautifully illustrated and its philosophical message is worth rereading the book once a year at least.

This book is part of a trilogy called “Nevermoor”. In this first book, we meet Morrigan Crow, an apparently cursed child meant to die on her 11th birthday. However, she may live longer that that and a few trials may even lead her to a totally different path…

Another classic, and another must-read. I must admit that I have discovered the movie far before the book, but it can never be too late, right? If you want your heart to feel lighter and your hopes in society to be revived, this book is definitely something you should read.

Okay, Neil Gaiman’s books are beyond weird, but that is what I personally love. If you are into weird books, you will definitely love this one in which we follow the life of a boy becoming a teenager while living in a graveyard. That book is quite frightening at times to be honest (not the Stephen King’s “frightening”, but still!) but that is part of what makes is so fascinating!

Middle Grades I would love to read!

Now, let’s share the titles of the book I would love to read ASAP. I won’t give a synopsis in order to make sure I am not writing nonsense but I will always give a link to the Goodreads page of the book mentioned for you to be given the “official” synopsis.

I really hope I managed to give you some inspiration and, who knows, to motivate you to try Middle Grades if you think it is not your cup of tea (or if you think these books are only for children). If you have any recommandation, I am here for it and would also be really happy what you think of the books I mentioned today. Lots of love,

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