7 podcasts recorded so far: my 7 (unpopular) tips to start a podcast for absolute beginners. ♡

I am by no means a professional podcaster but even in 7 podcasts, I have learnt a lot about that realm. I have created The Minimalist Lady podcast around three months ago and it has been such a beautiful idea. I love podcasting so much and I would love to share with you my little tips and tricks, which are probably not professional people’s tips and tricks lol. If you are interested, my podcast episodes will be available at the end of the post. Enjoy! ♡

Why not using Anchor?

I know a lot of podcasters are absolutely against anchor for several reasons, which are all valuable:

  1. You do not own your content, thus you are dependent on the platform.
  2. You may look less professional.

However, Anchor has serious advantages if you begin in the podcasting world:

  1. It is completely free.
  2. You can monetize from the very first episode if you are form the U.S.
  3. You can remove the Anchor logo from your cover art (so nobody has to know it is an Anchor podcast).
  4. Anchor distributes your podcast on other platforms for you (so you do not have to stress about it)
  5. You can record and edit everything right from the app.

So if you are considering trying podcasting, I would highly recommend Anchor. It is the platform I use and I am really happy with it. It is simple to use and it allows you not to have to use softwares such as Garage Band. I have used this one for a while and Anchor in 10 000 times easier. You may not make the same “perfect” podcast with Anchor, but to be honest, I think the quality is still really (really) great.

Record an introduction and use the same for each episode.

Let me tell you a thing most podcasters do not say: it takes me less than an hour to have my episode idea, to write my script, to record and to edit. Whhhhat?! That is soooo true and being currently a full-time student who also has that blog, a podcast and a soon-to-be business, I do not have much time to dedicate to that passion of mine. Thus, I make the most out of my time and having the same intro for each and every episode is quite life-changing. If you record an intro that is general enough on Anchor, you just have to keep it in your library and use it next time: so easy!

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Write your script in bullet points before starting recording.

Two things matter in that tip:

  1. Write a script.
  2. Make it short.

You 100% need a script or you will just sound annoying putting “hmmmm” everywhere but pleaaaaase do not read notes while you are recording. It needs to be as natural as possible to be fun to listen to. I have made that mistake in the beginning and my episodes sound quite terrible. The quality got way better in my opinion when I stopped reading and started having only bullet points. Thus, what I say sounds natural and it is just like a conversation with a friend, which is totally the style I want for my podcast.

Never underestimate the power of your Apple Earphones.

One more thing professionals would go crazy about: I record with my iPhone earphones’ microphone. Yes, it sounds so weird but that works really well in my opinion. One single rule here: do not move the microphone or the sound gets weird and the microphone records every single sound involved in your movement.

Record everything in one go.

Except for the intro and outro, you should record your whole entire podcast in one go. Actually, you can do whatever you want but I think that the more I edit, the most unnatural it sounds. Obviously, I am bad at editing and that may be the reason (lol) but I am probably not the only to be bad at it and not to want to work on that skill. If you are like me, record in one go. It will be easier for you and sound more natural for the listener.

Put music only for the intro & outro but leave the heart of the podcast as it is.

My first episodes are full of music and really hard to listen to because… my voice gets trapped in that music. Of curse, you can change the volume of the music and everything but I am just not into editing at all. Thus, my favorite thing to do is putting music in the intro and in the outro but to leave the rest of the episode “natural”. I also prefer podcasts like that personally, it feels more like a “conversation with a friend”, which I absolutely love!

Edit as little as possible.

Last but not least (you would have understood by now lol), edit as little as possible. This tip is valuable for those of you who love editing as well. Why? Because if you edit too much, you loose the “natural side” of things. That may be your goal and that is wonderful but if you want your podcast to be a little more laidback, let outside noises be (be reasonable though) and let your voice cringe at time if it wants to. Chances are that listeners will care less about your voice doing weird things than about an unnatural cut in the middle of a sentence.

Listen to my podcast:

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I really hope that you enjoyed today’s post and that it helped you put “staring a podcast” into perspective. Things do not have to be perfect to be started and you do not have to invest a crazy amount of money to have a great podcast. It is YOU that people want to listen to, not your $1000 microphone. ♡

    1. Aha I feel you, but really, I do not think editing is “necessary”. You can listen to my podcast if you want, it is really “natural” but I have listeners, which probably means that there are people who love unedited podcasts. Do not prevent yourself from trying just because of editing. 😘🌸

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  1. Oooh, I like your words here – been meaning to get into Anchor for a while, especially how WordPress keeps showering me with it, with every post I’m doing … You may have very well made up my mind!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I am very happy about that! I highly recommend podcasting, you can listen to the beginning (or the whole if you’re interested) of one of my episodes just to see if the quality is okay for you. Obviously by doing little editing you won’t have the best of the best quality, but it is still worth recording to me (and so much fun). If you come to record a podcast, feel free to share the link with us here!

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