How to make advantage of being stuck at home: COVID-19, at home and healthy

Dear reader, 

We already  covered together the topic of “the mistakes to avoid in the case of a confinement”.

Today, I want to provide you with a more optimistic view of things, not treating “mistakes” but “possibilities“. This unexpected chaos can, indeed, be used in a productive way. How? Let me share with you five ways in which you could make advantage of being stuck at home. Let’s get started.

Deep clean your space

Is not it the perfect occasion for a “Spring Cleaning”? You are stuck at home anyway, so you’d rather be productive, right? Every year, we feel like we lack time for it, especially given that it is usually the time of finals. In 2020, no excuse!

Get in touch with your loved ones

I have honestly never been on FaceTime that much. We usually “lack time” for it, we send a text message or call our mother five minutes at night to get in touch and reassure her, but we never manage to find enough time to have deep conversations with our loved ones. Maybe this tragic situation is the occasion to strengthen our bonds with our family members and friends.

Rethink your goals

The last thing we want in such a doubtful period is to doubt our goals. It is a great occasion to take a piece of paper, write our long-term and short-term goals and review them realistically. This alone is a good way to stay inspired and to have a real reason to wake up every morning, even though we do not necessarily have to physically “go to work”.

Learn a new hobby or things about a brand new topic

Is there something you have always wanted to start or learn but never found time to start? Maybe it is singing, maybe it is a foreign language or maybe it is the basics of painting. The thing you choose to focus on does not matter much, what matters is that after this weird and chaotic period, you can say: “I remained stuck at home X weeks and I used this time to learn all I know about this particular topic”. Thus, you will know exactly what particular purpose this confinement-period did serve in your own life. You will then be able to remember it as something rather positive.

Rest and reset

Keep in mind that it is still an opportunity to rest and reset your life. How many times have you wished for time to read books, do yoga and watch Netflix? Be honest with yourself. It is an opportunity for you to do so. It is also an opportunity to reset your life, focus on a massive decluttering and catch up on all the administrative work you have been postponing these last few months.

You must be able to be, at the end of that chaos, a “fresh” person ready for new adventures.

There are far more opportunities you can seize from home, and I hope these ones showed you there was a more optimistic way to see the future. 

Take great care, 


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