Knowledge is sexy.

Knowledge is sexy. I am really serious. I remember when I was in middle school, I was the “smart girl”, the one sitting with her big glasses in the first rank just in front of the teacher’s desk. It was me. At the time, I was not the “popular” girl”, I had 0 self-confidence and I thought that being an A student was a big fault. In fact, I was dead wrong and I fully realized it much later. I think I understood it last year, maybe two years ago but before, nothing was totally clear about it in my mind. To what extent is being knowledgeable a fault, something bad ? Please tell me, beacause I do not get it.

I think we must get rid of the idea that the student sitting in the first rank is not “cool” and more important, we must stop feeling ashamed of being this particular student and start being proud of it. I know some of my readers are younger than I am and I also know that these ready-made ideas still live in people much older than I am. This is the reason why I’m telling this to everybody : do not act as if you were less knowledgeable than you actually are in order to be “accepted” by a majority of people. Honestly, who would want to be “average” when one could be “brilliant” ? No one, actually. Growing up, the way people see your knowledge changes and being “smart” becomes way more attractive than a lot of things based on looks and appearances. Today, I realize that even if I love hearing that my lipstick looks gorgeous on me, I love even more receiving compliments about my knowledge and how smart I am. A few years ago, I would have felt a little ashamed, not at ease but today, I am proud. I will always learn new things, knowledge gives the one who owns it a new look on the world. We see everything from our very own level of perception. We should never stop learning because learning means evolving. Knowledge lies everywhere on the Internet, no matter if we have already finished school or not. You do not stop learning after college or when you own a PhD, what you already know may seem a lot but is definitely not enough. We should keep learning because there are lots of realms we do not know a single thing about. Learn, nourrish yourself of every single information that you may find. A woman able to talk about different topics and who is clearly knowledgeable is sexy. Do not forget that what’s inside of you captivates people, take good care of your ideas and they will take care of you.


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