The beauty of change.

Dear reader,

After almost a year without writing a single word on this blog, I thought it was time to come back. Writing is part of who I am, and I tend to forget it (quite a lot). Today, I want to take a moment with you to talk about something we all faced in the past and we will all be facing agin in the future. What is this frightening ubiquitous thing? Change. Change is part of our lives. Through change, we evolve and what is life about? You got it, it is all about evolving and growing as a person. Today, I want to help you change your perspective on change and thus, I want to give you clues to make the discomfort of change more comfortable.

  • The beautiful side of change (I swear it exists)

Change is inherently an uncomfortable thing and the person you are today does not like wha’t uncomfortable: great news, that is perfectly normal. However, you must have heard before that “nobody grows in his comfort zone”. That sentence is a little (a lot?) corny but there is some wisdom to it. Change occurs the moment you are not growing anymore. Life is all about growth. You are not today the same person you were five years ago, and not even exactly the same person you were three months ago. I bet you are grateful for it and that you might even think that you would never get along with the person you were before. Agree? Change has come your way in the past and has (highly) contributed to the person you are today. Now, take a moment to reflect about this person you were before. Done? Now, take another moment to think about a change which has occurred back when you were this person. Did it feel comfortable? No, it did not. However, are you grateful today that it did happen? Let me rephrase; would you prefer being this exact same person you were before or are you happier with the person you are nowadays? You already see where I am heading, right? Change shapes you in ways you would never have thought possible.

  • Feeling lost in order to become who you really are

Sometimes, we choose to change but more often , change chooses to occur right in the middle of our “perfectly balanced” lives. The moment it happens, we feel terrible, we feel like we are not ourselves anymore and, in a way, we are right. We are still who we are in our core, but things are changing, we are evolving and there are things to us that will never be exactly the same. Now, you might not be seeing why it is happening. You might just want to come back into your tiny comfort zone and sit there for a while. However, you have an incredible chance to expand. Here and now, you can expand. You need to learn how to “embrace” the uncomfortable.

  • Take it easy

You are here today reading these words, because you are feeling lost. You don’t know how it is going to turn out. You are terrified. However, in a way or another, it is going to turn out. Things are going to fall into place. You just better take your sneakers and follow along. Your life is going somewhere you belong, you just do not know yet where it is going and where you actually belong. Maybe you think you do but, believe me, you don’t and you will be surprised the moment you arrive. Take it easy. Don’t rush the process. It will happen anyway so the easiest thing to do is to calm down. Right now, you feel lost because nothing is sure but let me tell you that it is when nothing is sure that everything is possible. 


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