The Book With No Name ♡ Anonymous.

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I feel like saying that this book made me think of Tarantino’s movies would be quite redundant as everyone tends to says so… but that is so true in my opinion! I have a thing for books which use several narratives and go in different places, which is totally the case of this one. I have divided my review into three parts in order to be as clear as possible, let’s get started!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A multitude of points of view.

I love books with several points of view. Well, I can hate them if it is not nicely written or if one of the point of views is ten times more interesting than the others (then, why bothering reading least interesting povs?) but here, the balance is perfect. You have the points of view of murderers, policemen, young people, older people, monks and many more. Points of view comme very naturally and harmoniously and sometimes, the same events are even told through different points of view, which I have found super interesting!

A story in the story and an ode to books.

The book is entitled The Book With No Name and there is an actual Book With No Name inside the plot so I thought the mise en abîme to be really interesting. You will visit a beautiful library and see the power of an ancestral book… What’s better?!

An incredible plot twist.

I would say that actually, there are two different twists in this book. The first plot twist happens when the readers discovers that there is something supernatural here, which is not clear from the very beginning. I thought it would be a classical whodunit but not at all. However, just know that supernatural is not at the very core of the book so if you are not a big fan of vampires, do not feel reluctant to buy the book. It is totally fine for people who are not really into supernatural things and I actually know someone who is absolutely not and loved the story.

There is also a final plot twist around 50 pages before then end and wooooow… just read it, you will probably be as shocked as I have!

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