Reminder: Your Christmas Does Not Have To Be Perfect. ☆ Blogmas

Today is the last day of our Blogmas series, & I really hope you enjoyed taking that path with me. It has been hard being consistent, I must admit, but I have made it that far and I am so, so proud. First, I had planned one post a day but with finals & everything, I ended up choosing a slower pace: one post every other day was perfect for me. Why am I writing about it all? What does it have to do with today’s topic? Actually, much more than you think. My little “Blogmas story” is, in itself, a reminder that Christmas does not have to be perfect and that things do not have to go as planned.

Your Christmas does not have to be perfect - expectations.

Enjoy YOUR Christmas, & do not compare to others…

In that post, I shared with you 5 ways not to compare during Christmas time. Usually, Christmas brings a mood of love and joy, but a lot of comparison often comes with it. “Her hair is prettier than mine” or “Oh, she is buying so many gifts, she must be far more well-off than I am”. Right? I hear that quite often at the supermarket I work at, and that is such a shame! If you want, you can read the post I linked in the beginning of that point, I really think anyone can benefit from it. Really, be kind to yourself, you deserve it, and who cares if “her hair” is prettier than yours? As long as you enjoy YOUR Christmas, that is fine by me.

But most importantly, do not compare your reality to your own expectations. ☆

Due to Instagram and Youtube (and even blogs, let’s be honest!), it can be so tempting to have (far too) high expectations for your life, and especially in that special time of the year. You want a nicely decorated dinner table, a gigantic pine tree & hot chocolate that looks like it was brought to earth by Heaven itself… but that is just not relatable, and not possible at all. You need to enjoy Christmas for the feelings it brings to your heart, not for the looks it brings to your house. You do not need to have the prettiest cup of hot chocolate on your Instagram picture, but you need to enjoy a nice mug of chocolate in front of a Christmas movie with your loved ones (if that is your thing, of course). Just do not prevent yourself from enjoying Christmas time because of the unrealistic expectations Instagram has made you conceive. Perfection does not exist and, believe me, perfectionism is a cruse more than a blessing.

I really loved doing this Blogmas series with you guys, it was so amazing! I definitely want to do another series of that kind at some point, maybe for another occasion than Christmas. If you have any idea of a time of the year you would like me to do that (Back to school, Halloween &c.), please tell me in the comments and I will start thinking about it. ♡

Once again, I wish you the best Christmas of all,

    1. Thank you so much! I would like it but I can’t tell you when as I am behind on so many nominations lol. I will definitely try to do it! Thank you again, it always makes my day and happy holidays!🎄


  1. Be easy on yourself. Be kind to yourself this season. It’s perfectly fine to not feel the merry and cheer that may be all around you. You don’t have to feel the Christmas vibes. Making it this far in the year is more than enough. This period could also remind you of loss. It could be triggering for you. It could also be the time people with whom you don’t have such a great relationship with are coming over and are in your space a lot.

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