The Importance of Being Earnest ♡ Oscar Wilde.

Click here to see my review on Goodreads. ♡

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I finished that (rather short) play in a day and it was simply WONDERFUL! I must admit I have a certain fascination for Oscar Wilde’s writing style and that play makes no exception to the rule.

I love plays that have more than two layers of “surprise” and that is obviously the case of this one. Summarizing the plot without giving spoilers seems quite impossible so I won’t even aim to do it. Just know that, altogether, that play is even more than you expect it to be.

Lies, revelations, puns, criticism of society, marriage, more revelations and the question of identity are at the core of this witty play. I laughed (at least) 5 times, and let me tell you that I almost never cry when I read a book, and I even more rarely laugh. I am talking of real, sincere laugh, something I could not really control.

If you have two hours in front of you, just read it or watch a representation.

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