A (very) Short Poll To Know Your Tastes Better.

Today, I would like to share with you a very short poll I have created on Google Forms. It is only composed of two questions & can easily be sent in less than one minute. If you have one minute to share with me, I would be beyond happy about it as your answers would definitely help me create content that YOU want to read. Is not it the main goal, actually? Creating the content that YOU are interested in?


Click here:

Or copy/paste this link:


Thank you so much for your time & support,

    1. Hello!
      That is so kind! I have already been nominated twice but I will definitely leave a link to your blog in my post (planned very soon). Take great care. 🌸


    1. Hello!

      I am definitely the same! But I am passionate about so many things that sometimes, it helps knowing which one of my passions you love most. I will always continue writing about all of my passions, it is the only way I am ever able to write. Thank you so much for commenting & giving your sweet opinion 🌸

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