A new website has been launched (in French!)

Dear reader,

If you have been following me for a while (or if you guessed from the name of this blog!), you would probably know that I am French. However, I have been studying English for years now and it is my favorite language when it comes to writing my thoughts. That is why that blog is written in English, just like my diaries!

A new website about langue-learning!

Nonetheless, I decided that it would be cool to create a place on the Internet where I would share my tips on how to learn English (but that may be applied to other foreign languages as well!) Through the years, I have been asked A LOT how I had managed to learn English that fast, and so it I think it would be interesting to quite a lot of people to learn a little more about that.

I can see from the analytics of the blog that a great share of you guys come from France, that is why I share that info here! That new website would be useful if you would like to improve you vocabulary or grammar in an enjoyable way. I also think it may be fun for you English-speakers around here to have a look and test your French!

So for those of you who understand French (a little or a lot) and would like to have a look, it would be linked on the button just here:

What we will still be doing here, on The English-speaking Frenchie

Be sure that I will continue posting here very often. I love writing in English and I love the possibility that this blog provides me with: I can write about a wide range of topics. On Devenir Anglophone, my niche is really focused on English-learning, which is my absolute passion, but I would still love to share thoughts about minimalism, elegance and productivity somewhere. The English-speaking Frenchie is the perfect place for that!

So stay tuned, nothing will really change for us over here and I hope we will continue sharing together for a very long time!

Lots of love,


If that post was interested, follow the blog to make sure you do not miss on anything!

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