Four surprising ways in which Self Defense can change your life

Dear reader, 

You know me as an avid reader and a blogger who writes about minimalism and simplicity so you may be surprised by the following fact: I practice Self Defense. Usually, people do not imagine I do as we tend to put people into tiny “mental boxes” and Self Defense does not seem to fit into my own tiny box. However, I have been practicing self defense several times a week for around a year now and it did change my life in areas I would never have suspected it would. I can only advise you to try it, even if you feel like it is not ‘made for you’ as it was definitely not supposed to be ‘made for me’, but it is, or I may be made for it. 

I got fitter

Some of you may think it is “logical” but I would not have bet on that one when I first started! I used to run everyday and that was my “be-fit workout” (now, I bike!) but to me, Self Defense was going to teach me things but not to have me sweat… oh I was wrong! It can be so hard at times, physically painful and your muscles get so sore but it is beyond worth it as after a self defense session, you feel both more educated (you learnt several moves) and fitter. 

The “danger mode” deactivated 

As a woman, I always have in the back of my mind the word “danger”. That is especially the case when I come back quite late from school and have to walk alone at night. However, and even though the “danger” mode is still activated at times, I noticed that I gained in confidence. When you know that you are able to cope with a solo adversary (obvisouly, we are not in a TV series and one person won’t be able to beat five others), you feel stronger and more at peace.

Confidence increased

That strength I feel in rather “dangerous” situations tends to expand and I now feel more confident altogether. Not that I feel like I would be able to punch anyone and everyone, but even when it comes to discussing an issue or to speak publicly, I notice that I feel more at ease. It is as if knowing you can handle a situation physically helped you handle situations mentally. 

I speak more softly

The fact that I am not in “danger mode” all the time (I used to be very much, let’s face it) helps me speak more delicately. I feel like my whole brain gets calmer and thus, I am able to speak more softly. Thus, my ideas tend to be respected more and I appear as a calm and confident person.

I hope that post managed to show you how a discipline ended up changing areas of my life it had nothing to do with in the first place, 

Lots of love, 


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