Five little simple things that will instantly boost your appearance and self-confidence.

Dear reader, 

When I do research about how most people get ready, especially on Youtube, I feel incredibly overwhelmed. I love the result in most cases, but I feel far too lazy (and not competent enough)  to follow all these steps every single morning. I know a woman who enjoys the act of putting make-up on and I find it incredibly gorgeous on her, but I personally prefer enjoying a cup of hot coffee and a book in the morning. That’s why, through the years, I have developed my little “go-to-things” that make me feel put together, confident and ready to conquer the day. These are simple steps that anyone can follow and that will make you look and feel feminine, even if you are like me and do not put a single touch of make-up on. 


This is the first thing you take in the morning when it comes to picking an outfit. Very often, the power of cute underwear is undervalued when it is, in my eyes, the most important piece of an outfit. I am not referring to pleasing your significant other here, but you and only you. Your underwear is something that can make you feel gorgeous instantly : how cool is it to know that you are elegant even when it comes to parts nobody sees? 

I do not advise you to pay fortunes for underwear, it is not necessary, but I think comfortable and matching ones are enough to make you feel gorgeous and confident. The most important is : wear things you feel comfortable in, not things that look cute only. You want to feel confident, and you won’t if you feel stuck in your bra all day/night long.

Shea butter

I am a true believer that the more you put on your skin, the most damages it does to it. I think that one should not put on their skin anything they would not eat; after all, your skin is your largest organ. That is why, when it comes to hydratation, all I use is shea butter. I apply it in the morning and at night and, thanks to this ritual, my skin has gone from my worst enemy to my bets friend. When I was on accutane (because of my acne), my skin was so dry and shea butter did wonders. Now, I do not even feel the need to put concealer. 


I have an adoration for delicate pieces. I think jewelries have the power to dress a woman even more than clothes. The Queen Marie-Antoinette knew it well and, even though I do not think we should go in such extremes, I think a few chosen signature pieces have an incredible power. I am not a big fan of cheap pieces you can match to you outfit. I choose quality over quantity as my moto is “less is more.”

If you want tou implement jewelries to your everyday life, I personally think choosing one metal (silver, gold and many others), pearl or gemstone could be a good idea. Then, find two or three pieces you really love and wear them everyday as your signature look. I personally love my jonc and earrings L’Atelier Précieux, that I match with a Michael Kors watch. It is your turn to experiment!


It is one of the most important element in my eyes. 2000 years before Christ, people already used perfume and saw it as a link between men and the gods. Through the centuries, it has become, in Rome, a product linked to sensuality and lust, and travelled the ages to become the product we know today. I am passionate about the history of perfume and could talk about it for hours, but here, I just want to tell you that it is one of the most delicate items you can use to compliment your natural beauty. You can try different smells, which I did for a long time, or choose your signature smell, which is what  I love doing. If you are curious, I personally wear the eau de parfum by Repetto. 

I will soon make a post on the basics of perfume and the best ways to spray it.


Last but not least, now that you have your perfume on, you can start your day. Posture is the most important non-material thing that will instantly boost both your level of elegance and your self-confidence. Try it alone, in front of mirrors, try to sit down properly, and to stand up. Try to walk as if you were owning the room. Even if it feels awkward at first, I think it is really important if you want  to increase your level of confidence.

Hoping I’ve been able to help you enhance your natural beauty ,


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