I am not “perfect”.

I am not and I do not want to become it. The search for “perfection” does not make us happy because “perfection” is not something one can reach. Nobody would be able to define “perfection” and nobody should want to reach it. Can we reach what we can’t define ? I don’t think so. The quest for embetterment is so much more interesting, so much more fulfilling. I’m not perfect and I don’t want to become it. I do not want to make myself unhappy, and I’d like to deliver my message. I’d like every single one of us, wonderful human beings, to understand that the notion of “perfection” is not made for us, is not good for us. It is nothing more than an illusion and we are destined to something totally different. “Perfection” is what social medias show us. Do you think YouTube shows up reality ? No ? Me neither. We are made to love, to share, to forgive, make mistakes, to learn, to bounce back. We can laugh, we are allowed to cry, we can break down, we can come back smiling and enjoying life. We can try, try again, fail but still believe. Believe in us, in our luck, or simply in destiny. We can decide not to wear make-up, to sleep all day long, not to work. It is our right, we do not have to look like the “perfect” instagrammers. They are not there to make us want to reach what we can’t reach, they do not want any of us to feel inferior to them or to feel like we are “not good enough”. Believe me, you are enough. Their only goal is to motiavte you to be the best version of yourself, but we can’t believe in all we are seeing. Let’s be critical, let’s understand that what seems perfect has nothing more than the appearance of “perfecton”. Choose what makes you feel good, not what makes you look like you’re feeling good, look like you are “perfect”. Nobody wants to “look like”, we want to “be”. Nobody “is” perfect but we can “seem” perfect, which is not something I want. You are allowed to be you, to look for your true self, to create yourself, to discover yourself. You can do everything, you can live, you can love. Love makes you feel alive, self-love, love for others, love for nature and finally, love for the world. Man is made of love, of a little Madness, why would you want to be reasonnable and “perfect” when you can be happy ? You can be grateful, you can stay by yourself and complain for a time. You are a balance between light and darkness, and nobody can ask you to hide you darker side. Your darkness is yours just as light is, and accepting this balance is the secret of happiness.

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