The English-speaking Frenchie Reads ♡ Podcast.

A podcast made of short episodes, destined to all the productive Ladies who can’t dedicate fifty minutes to a self-help & bookish podcast. ♡

The Topics We Cover Together


Our Goal.

Books are not doomed, and that is hat I want to share with you in this podcast. I will of course keep talking about productivity and self help, but I want to pu the main focus on books, reading and culture in general. This is a beautiful adventure I want to embark on with you. Now, we have a place to talk about books, my wrap ups and all of my little reading tips. Meanwhile, we will discuss all the topics linked to productivity and balance I know you love!

Ready ? I can’t wait to share that with you !

♡ Listen to the episodes on Spotify or on Anchor. ♡

It is totally free, and a nice way for us to connect a little more.

Feel free to contact me and give me advice. Podcasting is totally new to me, and I want you to come on that beautiful adventure with me. ♡

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