[ARC] Overcoming Addiction to the Status Quo ♡ Kathryn F. Burmeister Esq.

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

When the author contacted me, I was very happy to accept reviewing her book in exchange for an honest review ; it had been a few months since I had read a self-help book!

A book from the author’s perspective…

Overall, I loved the book and I must say that I loved the whole entire world around the book. What I mean here is that I loved the website, the colors, the fonts used for the titles and everything that has to do with the aesthetic aspect. I also really enjoyed learning little pieces here and there (and in the book itself) about the author: she is a very impressive woman! (and plans on writing another book so stay tuned!)

When it comes to the story, I love the way she has to tell her own story and to draw lessons from it. I do think it is the best way to make an impact: you are the absolute specialist of your story and the best thing you can be good at is telling your story to the world and share your very own personal experience.
Nonetheless, I would say that even though anyone can benefit from the reading experience, the book is more destined to attorneys and people working in the field of law in general. The examples of the author, an attorney herself, are indeed very often linked to law and I do think someone working in that field would benefit from the book a lot more.

… destined to overachievers.

Moreover, the book, as explained in the title, is dedicated to overachievers, aka people like me. It was very good for me to read it now given the craziness of life with grad school, internships and all that fun stuff, and it reminded me of what’s truly important: kindness and mental health. If you are also the kind of person to work way too much and are a perfectionist who needs to destress, the book is definitely for you!

A few problems with the layout

When it comes to the format, I said I loved the fonts used and the colors. However, I noticed in my PDF. version that sometimes, the size of the fonts varied (fonts are bigger in the beginning of chapters, and then go smaller in the following pages). That is absolutely not a problem when it comes to reading the book but transparency makes me note that point and share it with you. Sometimes, there are other tiny little problems as far as the layout is concerned (paragraphs do not always start exactly at the same distance from the left margin) but once again, nothing to be worried about: you will be able to understand it all.

To conclude, if you love self-help books based on the story of the author (which I personally love!) and especially if you work in law, make sure to grab your copy. It is all very empowering.

Thank you again for sending the book Kathryn, it was a pleasure,

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