[ARC] Book Review – The Insightful Reader: How to Learn Deeply & Attain Life-Changing Insights from Books ♡ I. C. Robledo

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Rating: 3 out of 5.

(I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.)

Mixed feelings about this book.

My feelings about this book are mixed, I must admit. I really loved the tips given and I think they were really interesting and worth mentioning. I also must admit that I learnt quite a lot of new things through this guide and that I loved how important reading seems to be in the author’s eyes. We will see first the points I liked the most, and we will finish by mentioning the main defect of this book in my opinion.


A guide full of interesting ideas.

Among the ideas I loved, I may quote the fact that one’s education should not end when school ends or the fact that books are a far cheaper way than online courses for you to learn valuable information on a specific topic.
The author also focuses on studies to show that reading is better for the brain and for memory than listening to something and thus, he writes this book in defense of reading.

Not only a list of tips to read faster, a list of reasons to read better.

I would say that this book is not only going to give you a list of tips you can implement into your own life in order to read more (it will, but if you are already familiar with reading, those tips are not the most precious ones in my opinion). It is going to show you why you should read more, how it is going to affect your brain, and how you can be able to enjoy that process.


Too little space between lines & a book unfortunately hard to read.

Nonetheless, this book has, at least for me, a big disadvantage: it is hard to read. To be honest, I have had to take several breaks in order to get back to it and actually enjoy it (I have a PDF. version of it). I would have appreciated a much wider space between lines. Moreover, I think it would have been cool to give a summary of the books the author referred to. Sometimes, the description was here, but sometimes, I would have loved a little bit more details because I ended up looking online for them by myself. Finally, I would personally have used bold characters in order to stress important ideas because it can often get very hard to remain focused when the lines are so close and paragraphs so long.

A defect you can overcome.

However, as I said, my feelings are mixed and the content of the book is wonderful and deserves to be read. I would simply advise you to make sure you are motivated enough not to care too much about the tiny little space between lines and long paragraphs.

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