Book Review: A Winter’s Promise (The Mirror Visitor #1) – Christelle Dabos.

French novel – Translator = Hildegarde Serle.

For my Goodreads review, click here. ♡

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Complicated Beginnings…

Here I am, reviewing this French book from my French perspective using the English language: typically me! But we are not here to talk about me; we are here to talk about this book.
You guessed it, as I gave it five stars, I must have liked it… hmm, it is not that simple, actually. The truth is that I really liked it, but it took me a (very) long time to dive into this world. I had not read Fantasy but only Classics and self-help books since 2017, so it might me the reason why it took me so long to enter this magical world. I would say I started enjoying it so much and being glad it was only the first book around the middle of the novel. I would recommend patience to those of you who might struggle to enjoy it the minute you opened it. I know, in a world so full of books, who has time for “almost-enjoyable books”? I still think this one is worth your time and energy.

A Magical World.

In this world divided into several kingdoms, full of magical powers and a strong patriarchy, it is quite hard for the young Ophelia to find her place. She tends to hide herself behind her glasses and her scarf, but comes a day when she can’t hide anymore and has to face her destiny, far away from her family and everything she ever knew or could have imagined.

She is sent to a Kingdom where the climate is not the only cold thing: people are cold as well, and her husband-to-be, a husband she has not been free to choose, makes no exception to the rule. Will she survive in this world so full of rules she does not know? Will she be able to handle vain women and perfidy?

I hope you will love this book and be patient enough to handle those first hundred pages in order to answer these questions (or try to, as it is only the first book)

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