Reasons why you should read books and be proud.

Dear reader, 

Very often, we stumble across posts and videos, the titles of which look like “How to read more books” or “This is how I read X books a month” but we rarely see people discuss the reasons why they read that many books. I am personally no slow-reader but there is no way I can read as many books as these people; on average, I read between 20 and 30 books a year, including smaller ones, obviously (sometimes I go up to 50, but rarely).

In this post, I want to show you that reading does not have to be a burden, especially if you have been forced to read Classics at school and have had this very bad experience with books. Let’s dive into the main reasons why I love reading.

There are not only Classics

This point is particularly for those of you who have gone through terrible literature classes in high-school and have come up with the statement “I do not like reading”. You do, you just do not know it yet. Classics are only a small part of the literary world. I personally love Classics. I mean, I study English literature in college and studied French literature before so, obviously. However, you must know that there are books about… everything. You can learn about business, self-developement, you can read the biographies of people who inspire you &c. The possibilities are endless!

Poetry is like written music

I am a true lover of poetry. For a long time, I thought “Oh, it is not for me”, but it is for everyone, actually. I swear! You can necessarily find poems that resonate with you and your sensibility. Moreover, you do not have to understand a poem to love it; after all, do you understand every music you listen to? No, but you love the sound and the mood of it.

Increasing your knowledge is classy and sexy

I can’t stress that enough. I have a post dedicated to it here if you are interested but basically, I think a woman who is knowledgeable is simply perfect. I mean, who wants to look gorgeous but never be taken seriously? A woman who knows lots of things and shares her knowledge tends to be taken more seriously and to impress. Who does not want that vibe around them? Books will help you… a lot! You do not have to invest in University, you simply need to read (about things you are interested in, obviously!)

Escaping the world 

Life can get tough. For sure. And books can help. How? Because they take long to read. When you watch a movie, it ends within two hours (more or less) and you end up going back to your same old problems in life. However, when you read book, you are deeply involved into it (you can’t think about something else while reading or you would not understand anything you read), you still think about it between two reading-sessions (so your mind is kept busy and you do not overthink) and you know it will last you long as you are not likely to finish a novel in only one day (if you do, Cheers!). I think books are wonderful as they allow us to escape our life and hardships. Obviously, you. will need to face hardships but to face them properly, you will need to be as calm as possible, and books can help.

Walking with a book in your hand and coffee in the other is badass

That is totally my mood. Maybe it is just me but when I see a woman with a book in her hand I feel like “you go, girl!” and I love doing it myself. There is a whole vibe to it, a “badass” vibe. It says something about you like “I am not only a gorgeous woman, I am far more than that and I don’t need to talk to you for you to know”. 

Reading books in public shows confidence 

When other people take away their phones and scroll mindlessly through Instagram (Girl, we have all been there, me included!), you are reading your book, being in your own little universe and looking… confident. You appear like someone who is not afraid to stand for herself and is ready to take any opportunity to learn. I have never seen such a beautiful scene as a woman who takes herself out for coffee, alone with a book and a dreamer-look on her face. 

Hoping you will want to read more and bring your books with you everywhere, 

Lots of love, 


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