Writing work: translation, book reviews &c.

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As you may have noticed, I am a French writer and translator. Thus, if you want to have me proofread, correct or translate anything in one of these two languages, know that is is possible and that I will be glad to work with you.

Before you purchase one of the services mentioned below, please send me an email to tell me about it, give me more information about what you want & a Pdf. version of your book when it comes to proofreading & reviewing.

I always answer Emails in 24h MAXIMUM.

Here is what I do, in a little bit more details:


I have a degree in that realm and will be glad if I can help you. I translate from French to English & from English to French. Depending on the number of words, prices vary so if you have any question or inquiry, contact me.

For translation services, please contact me so that we can have a look at your project:


0,13 euros/word ( = 26 euros/200 words)

Send me an email with your bullet points & I will write for you.

Writing in French or English (letters, posts &c.)

You have a wonderful idea about what you want to write but can’t manage to create the sentences you want? I can write that for you. 30 euros/ piece (letter, post &c.)

20.00 €

Proofreading your book

When it comes to books, I have proofread a lot of them in the past for German, British and French authors.

50.00 €

Reviewing your book

That is a thing I do quite often. I work with the website Booksirens.com and with independent authors to share a honest review of their books online.

It is totally free & my way to help authors fulfill their dreams.

If you want to donate a little something (so that I can have a hot cup of espresso while reading your piece of art…)

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Let’s build something together.