How To Feel Great Without Makeup On Christmas Day ☆ Mindset & Tips. Blogmas

As someone who does not wear makeup at all during the year, I can say that I feel really good in my skin. Nonetheless, when invited to a Christmas party, things tend to change a little bit. I am still feeling great, but in order not to look “odd” or “out of place”, I always hesitate: should I wear makeup tonight, or not?

If you are like me, not really wanting to put makeup on but feeling pressured to do so by the overall mood in the air, keep reading & see how you can change your mindset a little bit to feel more comfortable in your own skin.

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how to feel super great without makeup on Christmas day - self-confidence

Feel okay with being different.

I know it can be hard but there is nothing wrong with being the “different” one. Of course, if it prevents you from having a great time, do not go makeup-free but if you feel good, do not feel pressured to do something you do not feel like doing. This applies to everything in life: you do you, & nobody can tell you not to.

Everyone is so focused on their mascara that nobody is really looking at you.

That is quite sad, but it is true. Everybody is so focused on their own look & self that they will not notice what you think they will. They are probably not even aware that you are not wearing makeup, simply because they put all their attention on their own fear of looking odd.

Keep in mind that if people are looking at you, it may also mean they are impressed.

If someone manages to notice anything, they will probably be impressed. You managed to do what scares them the most: being yourself. You feel comfortable enough in your own skin (at least they think so) to go to a Christmas party at which everyone wears makeup without makeup. That shows that you are really confident, which is always impressive.

You can always bet on your hair & outfit.

Moreover, not wearing makeup does not have to mean looking neglected. You can wear a beautiful outfit & a gorgeous hairstyle. The fact of not wearing makeup will actually help bring the main focus on your outfit, which can be a great way to show your wonderful dress for instance.

If you smile, nobody will find you look odd.

Last but not least, smiling makes all the difference. If you smile, you automatically look happy & gorgeous. People notice your smile, not your lipstick. So smile a lot, be warm and you will attract everyone in the room.

I rally hope today’s posts helped you relax & see that you totally can choose for yourself & avoid social pressure. A lot of comparison & pressure to look “perfect” comes with Christmas time, but you do not have to follow that path. Do what feels good, & enjoy.

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    1. It is a really cool tradition too, if it puts you all in a great mood and helps you feel your best for the night, it is all that matters! I hope you will be able to spend Christmas with your family where you live, I know that in France things tend to get a little bit complicated. Enjoy Christmas! 🎄

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  1. One way to cope with being alone on Christmas is to actually go out and do something productive. Rather than spend the day at home alone, find something that you can do that fits with your mindset and mental state for the day.

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