5 Books To Read During Christmas Time. ☆ Blogmas

Today is the very first day of Blogmas season! I am so happy to embark on this adventure with you. I will post once every other day for 24 days, which means that you will have access to 12 posts just in the course of the month of December. Are you ready for it? I bet you are!

Let’s start slow with a short list of books you may want to read this month to get a little more in the “Christmas spirit”:

A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens.

Do I need to present that one? I am pretty most of you know this children’s book but if not, have a look here & see if you may like it or not. If you are the kind of person to feel a little down in December & never really in the “Christmas mood”, this book is definitely for you.

Let it snow, John Green, Maureen Johnson &Lauren Myracle.

This YA book has been co-written by three well-known writers in their field (especially John Green, writer of The Fault in Our Stars). We follow the path of seemingly different characters who all end seeing their paths meet. This book can be a little hard to get into given that we leave characters almost just after we got to know them a little better, but once their paths meet, it becomes such a beautiful story in my eyes. In any case, there is such a great Christmas vibe to it that I could not pretend it did not exist!

Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone.

It is technically not a “Christmas book” but I always feel like reading it in December. I am a big fan of the Harry Potter series & I do think that the two first books are the most “childish” of all – the most “children literature friendly”-. To me, it is not a bad thing at all even though I love the darker books of the series as well. I simply think that the very first book of the series, being so “childish”, is quite light and perfect to get amazed by the beautiful magical world of Hogwarts. What better way to feel Christmas magic than to get right into a magical world in itself? Moreover, Christmas at Hogwarts is always quite a thing!

A collection of Fairy tales.

Fairy Tales can be quite (really?) dark, I agree, but some of them are also really light -hearted & fun. Just like for Harry Potter, reading Fairy Tales brings magic to our perception, & magic brings Christmas nearer to our hearts. Whether you choose to go for Perrault’s or Grimm’s darker tales or for the more light-hearted Disney versions of popular tales, you will definitely feel magical after your perusal session.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Dr. Seuss.

Last but not least, here is a great children book that reminds us that Christmas is all about being kind & generous, but absolutely not about buying gifts and consuming. What a minimalist book!

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I hope you enjoyed these recommandations & as it is the very first day of Blogmas, feel free to give your own recommandations just so that we can inspire each other to read more this month. We still have a bunch of days ahead of us!

I wish you the best of all days,

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